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Mandasa Technologies is a premier Shopify development agency delivering customized and comprehensive e-commerce solutions to enhance your online store’s performance.

Select Best Package For Your Needs

Short Term

$30 Per Hour

3-Month Package

  • 20:00 Bulk Hours a Month
  • For 3 Months at $30 per hour


$25 Per Hour

6-Month Package

  • 25:00 Bulk Hours a Month
  • For 6 Months at $25 per hour

Long Term

$20 Per Hour

12-Month Package

  • 30:00 Bulk Hours a Month
  • For 12 Months at $20 per hour

How it works

Requirement Gathering

We'll discuss your tasks requirements for shopify store and answer any questions you have.

We offer free consultations by phone or email.

We will suggest you package/ bulk hours you need to purchase as per your needs.


Once you purchase the package we will share live monitoring project dashboard with you.

We will add all tasks related to different teams on dashboard and you can track the execution of tasks in real time on dashboard.


Once tasks are done , we will ask for your confirmation, You can also add feedback directly on project dashboard.

You can also talk/chat with project manager or developers directly to make the process easy for you.

The Output

Once you confirmed the task, we can publish it on your shopify store.
Total hours spent on task completion will deducted from the hours or package you have purchased from us.
Remaining hours will be used for any other tasks in future.

Why Choose Us


Mandasa Technologies has a team of experienced and certified Shopify developers who have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can provide effective solutions.


They offer customized Shopify development services to meet the unique needs and requirements of their clients, ensuring a unique and memorable online shopping experience for customers.


With a focus on delivering quality and reliable services, Mandasa Technologies provides ongoing support and maintenance for their clients, ensuring their online stores are always up and running.


By leveraging their expertise and utilizing the latest technologies, Mandasa Technologies offers cost-effective solutions for Shopify development, helping clients maximize their return on investment.

Client Feedback


Esben Ulvbjerg

I have had a very good experience with Mandasa. They are helpful, communicative and have great solutions for the tasks I'm giving. Also they are quick to answer, and help you in any way possible. For my new brand they provide free shopify store setup. Can recommend!

Doug Brown

Great company to work with. Responsive, fast and most important - high quality work! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for step by step shopify store setup. I have done a few projects with them and they always deliver

Adam Drake

I don't speak a lot of the technical terms, but they understood exactly what I was trying to say and had the new feature up in just a couple of days. They've helped set up my shopify store & make my website flow in a more user-friendly fashion and I 10 of 10 would recommend to anyone looking for some quick and easy upgrades to your Shopify store.

Our past and ongoing projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some specific services we can help with:
1) Store Build or Redesign
2) Store Migration
3) SEO
4) Maintenance
5) Custom Domain Setup
6) Troubleshooting
7) Landing Page Design & Development
8) App Installations
9) Site Speed Improvements
General Tech Support 10) Consultation & Guiding
11) Technical Meetings
12) Troubleshooting
And so much more

1) You share your requirements.
2) We confirm the tasks and ask questions if anything is not clear.
3) We will suggest the most affordable package you need to purchase.
4) We will develop or update the website as per your shared requirements.
5) We will reduce the time spent on task from purchased hours.
6) We will share real-time monitoring project dashboard - so you can easily check the progress and hours used.
7) In any month, if there are left over hours - We can carry forward remaining hours to next month.

Yes! We offer refunds for unused hours. You will have access to a real-time task monitoring dashboard. So anytime you can send a request for a refund - in case you don't want to continue for any reason.
No questions will be asked.