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Carter Eve Jewelry

CARTER EVE JEWELRY Carter is a jewelry designer, creative director and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her namesake label Carter Eve Jewelry has been an ongoing project since 2013, and offically launched in February 2021. She is known for her delicate fine jewelry pieces and unique designs. Challenges There are so many challenges […]

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Bare Jewellery

BARE JEWELLERY I’m absolutely obsessed with all the pieces that I’m sharing with you on this platform. Bare is born from the concept of ‘living a creative & romantic lifestyle’ and the love for small fine things in life. We release pieces that exist outside of trends and stand alone. Challenges There are so many challenges on […]

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Mama Schwaz

MAMA SCHWAZ Mama Schwaz Handcrafted Jewelery. Handcrafted products made by the skilled hands of specialized goldsmiths that makes each jewel even more precious and exclusive. Discover the whole collection of Mama Schwaz jewels! Rings, engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, men’s jewelry collections and women’s jewelry collections. Small, large, artistic, linear, showy, minimalist, creative and traditional: but […]

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