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"With the advent of the digital economy, now is the perfect time to get into ecommerce. Shopify platform provides all the tools you need to launch a successful online store - including webspace, store design, payment gateways, and more - without any technical know-how. We'll help you get started quickly and easily - so you can start selling products in no time!"

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If you’re new to selling online, the Shopify platform is a great place to start.

You’ve already decided to set up new shopify store to take advantage of the Shopify platform’s best features for your ecommerce store. Or you already purchased a plan and don’t know what to do!!!

We Provide a feature-rich shopify online store setup service. It’s extremely “pocket-friendly” and at the same time, the absolute best to get your store up and running in no time.


Know how we setup your eCommerce store. Complete Process!

Know how to setup a shopify store for dropshipping or for own manufacturing products.

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We are always available to help setting up shopify website, even at odd hours. Call and email support are available Mon-Fri. Whatsapp support available during weekend. click here to contact us

We'll discuss the requirements

We'll discuss your project's requirements for shopify shop setup and answer any questions you have. We offer free consultations by phone or email.

Content gathering

After finalizing shopify store setup cost, Whatever information you have about your project, such as logo, content, design, and images (if needed), You will have to share it with us.

Coding - Development in progress !

We Design & Develop your project by understanding your needs. Our experts in design and development can help you create your dream website.

Testing and Feedbacks

The last step of the shopify store setup project is testing. If you find any feedback/issues after development, we will correct it and test them before making it live.

The Result

The result will be setting up a successful shopify store.


Top Reasons to Choose Mandasa Technologies

Official Shopify Experts

We are Shopify Experts with many years of experience. We are experts in all areas from store setup to custom design, custom development, marketing and advertising.

End-to-End Service

With our end-to-end service you can rest assured that we will take care of your store setup, SEO, marketing, designing and development.

Guaranteed Quick Delivery

We have a dedicated team of designers and developers who are experts in the industry and ensure that your project is delivered at the fastest possible time.

Unlimited Revisions

We take pride in the quality and duration of our work. We don't stop until you're satisfied.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Every day, we serve clients and ensure their satisfaction. If you change your mind, we will refund your money within the first 48 working hours of project start time.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer service, so we're always available to answer your questions.

We offer Full Stack Solutions if you want to hire someone to build shopify store. Contact us

Get fully featured ready for selling highly convertible ecommerce website.

Here are the list of few main features out of hundreds of amazing features you will get :

Theme Selection

We offer shopify store setup using free shopify themes, which are perfect for starting your online store. As well as premium themes, which we customize to fit your needs.

Product Creation/Setup

This is the most important aspect of the Shopify E-Commerce setup. We help you setup product categories, images, inventory, SKU, descriptions and other nuances of the product page that are most important for any Shopify store.

Logo Design

Get a fresh new look for your website. Our professional designers will create a logo that captures the essence of your brand.

Mobile Suite | Mandasa Technologies

Fully Mobile Friendly

We make websites that work on any device. Whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, our websites are designed to be clear and legible on any screen size.

Setting up the Blog Pages

When looking at the scope of digital marketing for an ecommerce store, blog setup plays a key role. Shopify store setup experts not only help you set up the overall structure of your blog section, but also make your blog section efficient. It also provides fruitful tips for doing it effectively.

Payment Gateway Setup

Our Shopify setup experts are well versed with payment gateway integrations and its setup across store's configurations. We truly understand that these integrations should be bug-free and without glitches, and we perform thorough testing before marking the store live.

API and other 3rd party Integrations

If you are looking to integrate your store's data via an API across various platforms to manage your operations, or if you want your store to be able to support various 3rd party integrations to perform complex functionalities, then we can surely make that happen for you. All we need is a detailed architectural flow from your end and then we'll take it up!

Delivery Truck | Mandasa Technologies

Shipping Modes Configuration

Depending on the logistics capabilities of your store or your multi-vendor marketplace registered sellers, we help you seamlessly manage your shipping related operations within the site itself. management overview. Whether it's cash/card/credit - we can use it effectively to sell your products.

Digital Marketing Agency | Mandasa Technologies

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing a web page to rank higher in search engine result pages. With a focus on content, titles, headings, and keywords we will provide you the best result for your search engine rank.

Shopify store setup work

We are shopify store setup experts

We’re a Shopify design and development company to set up shopify website. If you’re looking for a team of experts to setting up a website with shopify or marketing strategy, we’re here to help. Hire/Contact us before you decide to pay someone to set up shopify store.


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Most frequent questions and answers

#1: Create a Shopify account.
#2: Explore the dashboard.
#3: Choose a storefront theme.
#4: Add your sales channels and products.
#5: Configure essential settings (payments, shipping, etc.)
#6: Test your store.
#7: Add a custom domain.
#8: Pick a plan and start the business!

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How To Sell on Shopify: Setup to First Sale in 7 Steps
1. Sign Up for Shopify’s Free Trial. …
2. Select Your Sales Channels. …
3. Set Up Payments. …
4. Create Some Collection Pages. …
5. Add Some Items To Sell. …
6. Set Up Your Shopify Online Store. …
7. Place a Test Order and Go Live.
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How to start an online store
1. Choose an ecommerce platform.
2. Decide on a target audience.
3. Choose your products.
4. Design your site.
5. Connect a payment gateway.
6. Choose a business structure.
7. Get your store ready for launch.
8. Launch your store.
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Yes, If you need help with setting up a shopify dropshipping store, Our team is available to assist you click here .

Cost of setting up a shopify store depends on the requirements (Products you will sell, Pages , Categories etc). Let’s talk – Our team can assist you with Shopify store setup costing. 

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