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fitpanda was created on the foundation that both physical and mental fitness are fundamental to our overall health. This is a concept that I think everyone struggles with throughout their fitness journey. Growing up, I was very much into sports and fitness, but I never felt like I had the “right” body type. I was often told I was too muscular and stocky and my calves were too manly. I tried to change my fitness routines to try to “lengthen” my body (never succeeded by the way 😊) rather than gaining additional muscle mass. It took some time and a lot of work on my mentality to finally embrace my muscular build. I wasn’t alone in this shift of perception, as fitness and nutrition started to become a priority in our society, and athletic female bodies were portrayed in a more positive light and seen as healthy rather than “too manly” within mainstream media.


There are so many challenges on this project. Our major challenge is migration.

1. Magento to Shopify Migration
The major challenge was the migrating the complete data perfectly and in time limit. The number of products were more than 1000. That was a big challenge. Apart from this, we also added all the customers and orders to Shopify.

2. Custom Artist Page
We have created custom artist page in which we have shown custom products.
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Shopify REST API, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Shopify Theme Liquid, Adobe Photoshop

3-4 Weeks


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We started the migration process with step by step procedure. Firstly we did demo-migration in which we migrated 10 Products, 10 Orders and 10 Customers. After the demo migration was successful, we migrated all the data from Magento to Shopify.

Once the website was live, the final step was to do migrations and URL redirects.


Finally, together with our wonderful team of professionals, we completed the project before the deadline with the exact same design as requested by the client, with modifications.

A complete migration was successful due to a replatform migration approach. All necessary features were also implemented and the project was a success.

Working with conscious and demanding clients is a great pleasure. At Mandasa Technologies, we strive to deliver the best possible results for our clients in every project. Our experienced professionals are committed to providing high-quality services that meet your individual needs and exceed.

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