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Irresistibly Vegan

IRRESISTIBLY VEGAN The story of this book began when I could not ignore any more the negative comments about vegan food: “Boring, tasteless, not enough protein, unsatisfying, etc.” I too was tired of mediocre, repetitive, insubstantial and tasteless vegan food. That came to a painful climax when traveling the world with my husband for two […]

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Cheerie Lane

CHEERIE LANE Born from a lineage of strong women, including our moms who are two of five sisters, we are proud to be a female-led, female-majority company. We celebrate the women who made us and everything they’ve taught us as we [make and share] uncompromisingly good popcorn. We don’t like having to compromise, so we […]

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Shebang Woman

SHEBANG WOMAN Hey! We’re Michelle and Ange, CoFounders of SheBANG! Woman and we’re here because we want you to feel the whole SheBANG! again. Being perimenopausal is hard enough but experiencing perimenopause symptoms and not having a clue what’s going on? That’s next level. To make things worse, we discovered that women aren’t really talking […]

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