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Scymtek Cymbals

SCYMTEK CYMBALS 100% Hand Hammered, B20 Bronze Every Scymtek cymbal is a hand-made, hand-hammered instrument that goes through an extensive number of steps from beginning to end to produce a one-of-a-kind cymbal for bringing out your individual style and expression behind the drum kit . Challenges There are so many challenges on this project. […]

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Craft Stories

CRAFT STORIES Craft Stories¬†– is a European producer images by numbers. Our goal is to promote high-quality painting with a short deadline delivery at a reasonable price. Challenges 1. Create custom sections In this project, the client gave us the image of the design, according to which we had to make sections. URL: […]

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Spaun Drums

SPAUN DRUMS Hand-crafted, Hand-hammered, Premium B20 Bronze. I designed these cymbals to be a perfect complement to Spaun Drums. Challenges There are so many challenges on this project. Our major challenge is migration. 1. Magento to Shopify Migration The major challenge was the migrating the complete data perfectly and in time limit. The number […]

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