How to start online store in India

How to start online store in India
If you want to expand your business and you have decided to have an online store for your existing business or new business idea – the first question will be there is – What is the best way to start online store in India?

You can start your own online store using SHOPIFY.

Start your online business with Shopify in India


Why you should Shopify to start your online business in India

  1. Ease of use: If you don’t have background of web development or don’t have team of web developers then SHOPIFY is the best option for you to start your online business.
    Because it provide more than 100 Themes (Free + Paid), Which you can easily use to create your online store.
    Themes are also section based so you can drag and drop various section to create your pages.
  2. Payment Gateway Support: Shopify supports almost all major payment gateway available in the country.
  3. Marketing Tools : Shopify comes with various online marketing tools – Few are built in and other are available in form of APPs. You can use these tools to gain more customers for your store.
  4. Sell on multiple platfroms : Shopify allows cross channel selling it means – It has been made very easy to sell your products across different platform like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest etc.
  5. Apps for the help : Thousands of Free and Paid Apps (plugins) are available with Shopify that helps merchants with Reporting, Social Media, Inventory, Customer Service etc.

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