Thanks for checking out our services page. We’re happy to onboard new clients to our affordable Shopify services. Here’s what we offer.Free Services

Shopify Store Setup – New to Shopify? Use our ==>referral link<== before signing up and we’ll earn a commission for the referral. As a thank you, we’ll perform a free initial setup of your store. This includes installing of a free Shopify theme, adding your business logo and contact info, creating a welcome page, about us page, TOS, privacy policy, and refund policy, setting up your domain to work with your Shopify store, adding your first products, enabling a payment system, and publishing your site live.

Sound too good to be true? It is definitely a LOT of work we do for free, but it’s worth it. Our goal is to put 1,000 online stores in business and empower business owners like you to build your online e-commerce empire. If after we set you up in business, you happen to want to take advantage of some of our paid services including custom Shopify theme development and store management — even better! We’re happy either way to get you started with Shopify. Contact us before or after you’ve signed up using our Shopify referral link and we’ll schedule a time and date to setup your store.

Should I Switch to Shopify – If you’re coming from a different e-commerce platform and are considering making the switch to Shopify, talk to us first. There are important factors to consider regarding the switch with regards to SEO, merchant processing, and potential site downtime. We can help you make a flawless and seamless transition. Contact us to schedule a call.

Paid Services

Shopify Theme Development – Need a custom theme for your Shopify store? Or modifications to an existing one? We’ve got experience with both.

Shopify App Development – The app store is huge, but sometimes you still need a custom built app. Whether you need to sync your store with another software’s API, or to enable automated features on your store, no task is too big or small.

Speed Up My Shopify Website – Is your store loading too slowly? Even with Shopify’s lightning fast servers and super fast caching system, your store can get bogged down with high resolution images, excessive javascript, and too many external requests. We can help you optimize your Shopify store for super fast loading. Guaranteed results or your money back.

Shopify E-commerce Management – Need help managing your Shopify store? Adding products and creating product images, publishing blog posts, processing orders. If you need assistance managing your store, we can help you with everything from theme development and design to order processing plus everything in between.

Contact us for a free no-hassle estimate on any of our services.